• Lithium-ion batteries revolution will take you to a new era

    Store energy like never before

  • the MISSION

    We want to provide the best Lithium-ion batteries for classic and sports cars.

    Get the best technology ever to crank your engine.

    This is a lightweight with power amps to deliver!


    At Atomique Batteries Co., we handcraft State-of-the-Art Lithium ion batteries in a strong-resistant carbon casing.


    Our batteries set a precedent that will make you forget about old and heavy lead acid batteries. They are engineered with an electronic battery management system that will make them last for a long time.

  • Atomique's bombs

    We are dropping our first Amp-delivery devices!

    20 Amps.hrs

    The small beast

    This is our lightest and smallest battery pack: with a 20Ah energy capacity and 12.8V tension, it weighs only 3 kg. With a CCA of 800 Amps, this battery will crank even the most powerful engines

    It is equipped with a BMS that will protect the cells from short-circuit, overcharge and deep discharge for a maximum lifetime.

    Ideal for racing cars and classics.

    40 Amps.hrs

    Powerful and strong capacity

    This pack is design to replace any 12.8V lead acid battery of any type for all applications. It has a 40Ah energy capacity and 12V tension, for a 6 kg weight.

    It is equipped with a BMS that will protect the cells from short-circuit, overcharge and deep discharge for a maximum lifetime.

    Ideal for modern sports cars.

    120 Amps.hrs

    Great capacity

    This pack of 120Ah energy capacity and 12.8V tension weighs only 18 kg. It is designed as storage battery for high autonomy demand like yachts, boats, caravan, etc...

    You can use three of these batteries to make a 360 Ah (4.32kWh) pack for renewable energy storage at home.

    It is equipped with a BMS that will protect the cells from short-circuit, overcharge and deep discharge for a maximum lifetime.

    160 Amps.hrs

    Huge capacity

    This pack of 160Ah energy capacity and 12.8V tension weighs 21 kg. This battery would replace 320Ah of lead-acid batteries for the same autonomy. You can associate in parallel a large number of this battery to make big packs for energy storage of tens of kWh.

    It is equipped with a BMS that will protect the cells from short-circuit, overcharge and deep discharge for a maximum lifetime.

  • Available now

    Discover our lightest and smallest Lithium-ion starter battery

    12.8V Lithium-ion Battery - 60Ah to 160Ah
    1,590.00 - 3,390.00
    This 12.8V Lithium-ion battery can remplace lead-acid batteries in any application for energy storage (yachts, boats, caravan, etc).

    Each battery has its own integrated BMS for cell balancing, protection against deep discharge, overcharge and short-circuits. A Bluetooth module relay all the information to an App on your smartphone or pad.

    Lead-acid batteries autonomy equivalences:
    60Ah Li-ion <=> 100-120Ah Lead-acid or AGM
    80Ah Li-ion <=> 140-160Ah Lead-acid or AGM
    120Ah Li-ion <=> 210-240Ah Lead-acid or AGM
    160Ah Li-ion <=> 300-320Ah Lead-acid or AGM

    Cycle-life: 5000 cycles
    Weigh: 8-22kg
    Coming soon
    24V Lithium-ion Battery pack - 160Ah (4.10kWh) to 400Ah (10.24kWh) capacity
    6,490.00 - 15,490.00
    Designed for energy storage in boats, cruiser, racing yachts, etc, this handmade Lithium-ion battery pack has a 25.6V nominal voltage, and 160Ah total capacity (4.1kWh).
    The pack is made of two 25.6V-80Ah lithium-ion batteries, associated in parallel. It can be extended up to 5 batteries in parallel for capacity gain.
    Each battery has its own integrated BMS for cell balancing, protection against deep discharge, overcharge ans short-circuits. A Bluetooth module relay all the info to an App on your smartphone or pad.
    This pack can replace a lead-acid battery pak of 300Ah, for only 42kg.
    Coming soon
    Lithium-ion motorcycle starter battery 12.8V - 5Ah
    190.00 - 245.00
    This lihiutm-ion battery is designed to remplace your lead-acid battery in all your motorcycles, racing bikes, quads, jet-skis, snowbikes, etc.
    We are using high performance LiFePO4 Nanophosphate cells which will deliver powerful CCA up to 260A for easily starting your engine.
    The inbuilt BMS is balancing charge between the cells for extended cycle life, and Bluetooth monitor send voltage and other info onj an app on your smartphone.

    Capacity: 5 Ah
    Voltage: 12.8 V
    Weight: 0.870 kg
    Dimensions: 120mm x 65mm x 97mm
    Lifetime: 5000 cycles
    Coming soon
  • FAQ

    Powerful, safe, reliable, and unique.

    Who are we ?

    Atomique Batteries SAS is a young French Start-Up.

    Created in 2016 by former battery engineers from French public Research Institute CEA, our passion for car racing competition, sailing and electrochemical energy storage lead us to build our own vision of the perfect Lithium-ion battery for classic and modern sports and racing cars, and also cruiser-racer yachts.

    All our production is handcrafted in our workshop in France, near Aix-en-Provence.

    What are the other applications ?

    Our batteries can be used as a replacement for any 12V lead acid batteries.

    The huge gain in weight allowed by the replacement of a lead acid battery by our Lithium-ion batteries can be an amazing asset in a lot of applications.

    For example, they can be used in sport proto sailing boats, or cruising racers, allowing a weight loss up to 100 kg.

    In caravaning, the much higher longevity of our batteries compared to lead acid can play a decisive role in creating the perfect energy storage device for campers.

    In a long-term goal, Atomique Batteries wants to produce batteries for home storage suitable with a renewable energy home production, and integrated UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

    Download our documentation on our specific models

    Why Lithium-ion tops lead acid batteries ?

    Lead acid was for 19th and 20th, Lithium-ion is for 21th century !

    Lithium is the lightest metal in the Universe, and is very reactive. Its properties made it the most suitable element for energy storage. This is why it is used widely in all electronic devices (laptop batteries, smartphones, cameras, etc ...) and Li-ion batteries are now targeted as the ideal energy storage solution for applications like electric cars as the Tesla Model S.

    Lead acid batteries on the other hand are a very old technology, with poor performance in energy density, and extremely polluting, but still widely used because of their very low price. Their lifetime is short, with only 500 cycles of charge and discharge, against 5000 cycles for Lithium-ion. It means that our batteries can last 10 times longer than a lead acid battery.

    Is Lithium-ion Batteries safe enough for racing purpose ?

    The safest technology. Rigorously tested.

    Our batteries are made with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. This chemistry does not ignite fire in contact with air like other lithium chemistry. It is the safest and most eco-friendly chemistry developed so far (it contains no heavy metals like Pb, Cd or Co). We use exclusively grade A cells from top manufacturer.

    All our batteries are equipped with an eBMS (electronic Battery Management System) that enhance even more the safety and reliability for a maximized longevity.

    The super-strong carbon fiber casing designed for extreme environments is the ultimate protection for the cells and electronic inside. All our batteries are compliant to the UN38.3 and IEC 62281, which include extreme mechanical and electrical tests.

    Where can you get our products ?

    Our products are available for European market.

    Please download our documentation

    You want to get more information or pre-order, send us a message in the Sign Up section. We would be honored to get you among our first customers.


    Launching soon. Stay tuned with us for something awesome!

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